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So I finally made my home made power jelq device. I’ve been trying to find instructions on how to use it with no luck. I did manage to find this:

Power JELQ (canning tong) techniques, I so suck at searching, can someone please help me? Thanks in advance!

9/23/08Erect Length 6.00, EG 4.500 Erect Width 1.75

Goal EL7.00 x EG5.00 x EW2.00

I found this in the Penis Enlargement Manual here. Hope this is what you were looking for.

Jelq Sticks

Power Jelq

1. Warm up, apply lubrication, and achieve the appropriate level of erection.
2. Hold the device with one hand on the two handles, palm facing the body. If using the device horizontally (i.e. on the top and bottom of the shaft), use the other hand to grasp the foam rollers. If using the device vertically (i.e. on the sides of the shaft), use the other hand to hold the base of the shaft. This will prevent slippage and/or twisting of the penis during the exercise.
3. Open the handles and allow the rollers to slide onto the shaft. Push the device all the way to the pubic bone and then push a little farther, lightly squeezing the handles. This will pull the penis out of the body slightly and begin to force blood into the shaft. Alternatively, a light OK grip can be applied to the base, holding back loose skin and slowing down return blood flow.
4. Close the handles, gripping down firmly and begin to pull out and away from the body, up the penile shaft and toward the glans, concentrating on trapping and moving blood through the shaft. The grip should be tight enough that the rollers lock up, and only turn very slightly (if at all) when pulling upwards toward the glans.
5. The stroke should end an inch or so below the base of the glans. If performed correctly, the glans should be so engorged that the device cannot slide off the shaft without the grip being loosened.
6. Loosen the grip on the handles, sliding the rollers to the base of the shaft and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Pre-PE: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG-------> Current Stats: 8" BPEL x 5.25" EG-------> Goal: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG - 7" BG

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Just a suggestion, think up more specific thread titles than “Question”. You’ll have a better chance of getting a response from someone who knows about the topic.

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I agree. I thought this was the other thread. :)

Will do next time, I do it just out of habit.

9/23/08Erect Length 6.00, EG 4.500 Erect Width 1.75

Goal EL7.00 x EG5.00 x EW2.00

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