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Question to the long time gainers.

Question to the long time gainers.

Hey guy, I have a question to the older memebers here, that have been PEing for a while (around a year and more) and have been getting good gains.
What is your routine?
And even more important, do you change your routine, or you have the same routine since you started?
When do you know you have to change your routine and why?

Thanks for any help.


I did only hanging for length, and extreme Ulis for upper shaft girth.

But I did have to increase intensity as time went on.


So your with the same exercises since the beggining?
once in how long did you increase the intensity?

Thanks for your post.


I have done many routines but the only one that has worked is hanging regularly, taking few rest days and progressively increasing the weight. I increase the weight when I find former max weights are not giving me as good stretch. Then I add 2 pounds and I have a new max.


Thanks alot for your post.

I roger that. But sadly I can’t hang due to privacy problems, and laking of time. In about what rate do you increase weights? once in two months? once in few weeks? I’m the kinda guy that keeps adding weights in gym, and I always higher the amount of workouts, heh, I got to like 500 jelqs on the 2nd week in PE, then I realized that it is wrong, and I might be missing some easy gains as a begginer. I’d like to know on avrage once in how long it is “ok” to add weight.

>In about what rate do you increase weights? once in two months? once in few weeks?

Umm, my max has gone up by about 10 pounds or so in the last 3 months. But I increase weight by feel, not by some schedule.


Ok, got it… Thanks =]

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