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Question to other newbsbeginners

Question to other newbsbeginners

I was just wondering how many of you ever plan to post pics in the Members Picture sections?

For those who don’t plan to, why? Lack of a camera? Afraid of public opinion? Because you are not comfortable with the weird feeling that you get because you are posting a pic of your penis for other guys to look at?

I’ve not posted one thus far because a camera is not currently available. I don’t believe anyone should be afraid to post photos, as we’re all anonymous here.


I do plan to post some pics. My main reason in doing so is to help keep myself motivated with PE’ing. Plus with this forum being very supportive it’s always nice to get feedback from fellow members, some of the guys here are at the same point you are at. I know when I see a good before and after shot of a guy that is around my size it does help me keep motivated.

No digital camera , no scanner .

No camera.

Originally Posted by Darkmana
I`ve already posted mine here;

Starting Pic 9.25X6.5

Holy crap! Amazing size guy!

I plan on posting pics as soon as I can get my hands on a digital camera.

Really want to post pics but I have no camera. I think anyone who has a camera should definitely post, but initially without giving any measurements. This way you can ask for feedback regarding how big it looks, as most people here seem to think theirs looks much smaller than anyone else’s. I say this because so often someone will post and you will then see comments such as looks a lot bigger than mine, but I have the same measurements.

Originally Posted by Regenisis

Holy crap! Amazing size guy!

Thanks man! I`m only just starting PE, so we`ll see where it gets me.

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