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Question to all PE members

Question to all PE members

Hey everyone. I again want to thank Thunder and the senior PE’ers as well as the newbies such as myself for making this place SWEET.

My g/f as of this weekend after not seeing her for two weeks and knows absolutely nothing about me PE’ing yet anyway, saw me today and kept emphasising that it just looked bigger when flaccid. I took this to heart (and ego) and told her maybe she was just seeing things. But why have I not noticed?

Anyway, now that I am entering my third week, I was wondering, as i mentioned before my penis now feels heavier than usual and also erections feel stronger (esp. after working out the PC). But I guess what I am trying to ask is, is it normal for whomever you are with at the moment to notice a difference in your penis?

I am not trying to rush this or get in over my head or trying to measure before scheduled time but this is pretty damn cool!

Alright I am babbling. Well just lemme know if anyone has exprienced this since I think others notice before we do, no matter how cautious we are of ourselves.


I’ve noticed this with my nieces and nephews. You don’t see them for weeks or months and then when you do they look like they’ve grown so quickly. The reason is that all this time they’ve been growing but your picture of them in your head has stayed the same. So when you finally see them they look older than when you imagined and they seem to be “growing up so fast.”

This is the same thing that is happening with your g/f and your penis! :)

You’re looking at the thing multiple times per day so you don’t notice the very small size increase each day, but your g/f sees it after 2 weeks and it is noticeably larger than the way she remembers it.

I hope this makes sense. Thank you for bringing up a good point. Maybe I should hide my dick from my g/f for a few weeks…..



There is no replacement for displacement

>Maybe I should hide my dick from my g/f for a few weeks…..< HAHAHAHHAHAHA good one bunbuster. I see your point and now that I think about it, you are right. Well I’m going to have to enter a period of “hibernation” from my g/f than.

The answer made sense man. Thanks. Anyone else out there?


I have to agree with Bunbuster. You see mr.happy all throughout the day, and you become used to it. But I’m sure you enjoyed that ego boost :) With a digital camera, maybe you could take a picture and compare it at different times so you can get the same effect as your GF did.

I nener thought of that! Take a picture. This will definately help me see ay difference and motivate me to persist in these routines. Thanks SuperStroker.


Ive found that the gains visual wise creep up on you. Ive had times where i looked down and said damn!! i made some sweet gains!!!

And then at next mesurment i made little gain. You notice them months after you get them in my case.

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