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Question: Starting w CanOpener Jelqer

Question: Starting w CanOpener Jelqer

So I am BRANDNEW to this place ..
THANKS Thunder for approving my profile on a Sunday! (Lol)

I am one of the unlucky “just under average”, and way under “where I want to be” fellas.
Something like 4.9 both up and around (odd that I’m almost exactly equal, I reckon) .. And I *really* relate to YGuy in his post over on the Collected Wisdom thread. It has ALWAYS held me “back”.

Anyhow .. I have been reading about PE and tension and whatnot for a good while now .. Always being fairly skeptical .. But the more I read the less skeptical I become. Hey, if it works for the necks of African tribes, why can’t it work for the neck of my little guy?

I have been thinking about getting the cheaper $160 Andropenis device .. But thought before I did that I would try something cheaper .. I recently learned about the Power Jelq Device (glorified Can Opener) and was super-excited yesterday when I realized that, minus the $1.65 worth of 1\2” tubing .. I had everything I needed already. Thanks Mom, for the Canning equipment gathering dust in my basement!

So I put one together yesterday in like 5 minutes flat .. On my way to work no less. Lol.

I have a couple of problems doing MANUAL PE\Jelq

1. My perceived-as-rather-small winkus makes it hard for me personally to Jelq.
Its like as soon as I get started on my glide .. I’m at the end of Mr. Winky.

2. Do to the nature of the jobs I perform, I am constantly getting scratches and abrasions on my hands,
Which make it quite uncomfortable for me to jelq .. Lotion gets in the wounds and stings like a biatch.

3. I’m kind’ve a wuss .. And really don’t like having greasy hands, and have never liked that skin on skin feel.
(Always hated putting on sun screen as a kid at the beach)

4. I have a hard time getting myself hard .. Especially when it is “work” and not play .. And did I mention I am one hell of a grower, not a shower .. So .. Do the math on jelquing with THAT!

Ok. So ..
I tried searching for “Power Jelq” on the forum search button .. But didn’t really find any comprehensive (or really ANY helpful) threads on the subject.

Are there any vets out there who can talk to the advantages and disadvantages of using the Power Jelq-type Can-Opener device? I’m looking for any and all information I can get on the subject, links, whatever.
So far I’ve kind’ve actually enjoyed using the device. Its real easy. I can use one hand to do it, and one hand to surf the net, read forums, look a porn (helps my winkus stay at that 50% level .. Lol) .. Etc .. I keep a towel near by so I can degrease my damn hands and keep a grip on the handles ..

The only “problem” I’ve really had as of yet, is that it’s not very wide (then again, neither is winkyman), and - particularly after I JUST lube up - I find my dick slipping from side to side in it .. Slipping OUT the sides really .. But when I hit that “just right” point with the lube .. It’s pretty smooth sailing.

I do have one question .. Which is .. HOW HARD am I supposed to be squeezing this thing.
Actually seems to me like there is only SO hard you CAN squeeze before it stops responding.

Any advice from folks
Any at all

I think that any way you can enlarge your dick will move you forward.

When I first began I couldn’t jelq as I had nothing to work with, less than three inch flaccid hang, and so I built my own stretcher and found an inch in length that way.

Between clamping and mechanical stretching I found that my flaccid hang improved to the point where I can jelq and this has given be more thickness mid-shaft.

I am on an extended plateau that has been a year or so, and in that time I’ve rested, jelqued, mechanical stretched for a period and now jelq exclusively (which seems to build girth for me, though I’ve never measured.)

What I’m getting at here is that I will never give up trying to meet my goals, and that, at first, nothing seemed to work and most things seemed impossible but I believe that I will find the right mix of things that will start my growth again eventually, and so will you.

Regarding how hard to squeeze, you seem to have answered your own question. Eventually you will have enough to grip manually and you will be away and then you will have the challenges of hand grip and fatigue and soreness.

Does the device leave you sore after sessions?

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Thanks for the response, and encouragement, a-unit.
Glad to hear you had some great beginning success too,
And as you seem to already know, keep on truckin’ with it till you reach that goal!

This is really only my second day using it,
And I am a little “sore” .. Only to the touch though.
Its not like I’m walking around thinking, “damn, my dick. Dude!”
But, yeah, I can tell its a little sensitive to the touch.

Does sore = working
Or = doing it wrong?

Like I’ve said I’ve read a fair amount about PE,
But since my initial concerns (as I’m sure for everyone) were, “does it work”,
I was really more focused on the mechanics and science\theory behind it,
Than with all the details of the workouts.

I REALLY like Thunder’s Place, and am super glad for the resource, and the community around here.
Hopefully someday (soon?) I have gains of my own to report.

One other kind’ve random question I have was regarding EQ improvement with jelqing and exercises ..
And that is, what is the theory behind WHY these techniques seem to almost universally improve erection quality? What is it about rubbing and squeezing your dick in a semi-hard state that causes it to build erection strength over time?

Thanks, all.

You shouldn’t feel sore after a workout. You should feel pleasurably pumped (after jelqs).

EQ is increased because gently forcing expansion of smooth muscle tissue in your penis and pushing more fresh blood inside it will increase ‘strength’ and quantity of smooth muscle tissue - at least, this is the more reliable theory around.

BTW, you can build your own stretcher for cheaps too, there are a number of threads about, do a search for ‘homemade stretcher*’ and similars.

Have you read the FAQ on Jelq Sticks & Power Jelq devices? You need to be careful so you don’t injure yourself.

Specifically dorsal nerve injury if you use them horizontally on the top and bottom of your dick.

Also you need to stop your stroke an inch before the base of the head.

Jelq Sticks

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