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Question relating to gains

Question relating to gains

Hi agiain,

I just wanted to ask if it is safe to say that to expect realistic gains you have to persist for a year or two? From my recent perceptions I have learnt there is no shortcut in manual penis enlargement. You do get the permenant gains but they come ever so slowly. I have set a realistic goal of having totalitarian routine of one hour sessions 5 times a week for the next year (then evaluate). Absolutely no variation (except for increasing time for stretch, jelq, uli) no missing routines etc, I even have an extensive diary and a stopwatch etc and I set one and a quater hour each night (excluding days off).

Secondly does anyone know the actual process behind penis enlargement? I know it has little to do with muscle because to my knowledge there is no muscle in the penis. I have made the perception that perhaps the stretching and jelqing causes micro leisions in the penile tissue and that ever so slowly the penis will simply grow larger because of the ‘scar tissue’ and penis slowly enlarging due to the tensile pressures etc and the body’s attempt to adapt to the process. Someone please elaborate. I know for a fact that it does enlarge substantialy because prior to my %100 commitment to my program I have jelqed on and off for a year or two (prior to my prog about one week every 5 months for two years etc not consistant) and I distincly remember having less girth two years ago (age 20yo) and my piece didn’t look ‘muscular’ as it does now (22yo). It is now a nicer girth but I plan on fully increasing girth and length substantialy.

awaiting reply, thanks in advance,


Welcome aboard Patrick!

That’s very difficult question, but I think your assumptions may be correct. Something has to be making more meat in the penis and my reading on it is that it’s possibly scar tissue. To my knowledge, nobody has dissected a PEer’s penis to find out exactly what is going on there so all we can do is speculate given the information that we have. (BTW, I’m not volunteering for that one!) But all said and done, just goes to show what a remarkable organ the penis is in so many ways!


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Some guys get big gains fast, but don’t plan on it. I would say that you are very realistic with: ” to expect realistic gains you have to persist for a year or two?”

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