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Question Regarding PE

Question Regarding PE

Hello! I’m new here. I’ve never tried PE before. I have a question

Does jelqing results permanent?

Yes. Relatively permanent, anyway. Some people have stopped PE completely and still have all of their gains five years later. Some people require a tiny bit of ongoing “maintenance PE” to keep their size (usually a few minutes a week.)

I think all PE gains are relatively permanent but need some sort of maintenance.

The same way you wouldn’t build your body in the gym and then never work out again, I wouldn’t suggest building a bigger stronger dick and then never doing PE again.

Even every so often will help you keep gains.

Good luck!

Feb 14': EL: 7 1/8 BPEL: 7 1/2 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 1/8

Current: EL: 7 3/8 BPEL: 7 7/8 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 5/8

Thank you so much guys for the answers!

And just remember that it may take a long time to see gains. Poor diet, pizza, money, drugs and sex with multiple partners are all awesome… I forgot where I was going with that.:warp:

Start 2/27/14: BPEL 6"/ EG 5" ==> 6.5"/ 5.25"

Now: Taking a break!

Make a Donation Everybody's doing it.:cancer:

Thank you :D

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