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Question regarding PE speed of growth and recovery time


Drama, drama, drama…Yawn…Anyway Morpheus, I have no idea who you are and only respect you because of your name (Free Your Mind) and the information you have posted regarding SCT. In fact, I tried SCT today at the gym. lol, haven’t been to the gym in like a month. Got too lazy. Anway, here was my routine today

Machine Row 170lbs 30 sec
Squat 225lbs 20 sec
Military Press 135 lbs 28sec
E-Z Bar Preacher curl 75lbs 12 sec
Bench Press 225lbs 25sec
Machine Standing Calf raise 180 lbs 105 sec!
Upright standing row 115 lbs 35sec

The seconds represent how far I could go before failure. And to tell you the truth, I don’t really think it was failure. It was more like “As far as I can go so that I still have enough energy to put this weight down before it kills me”. lol, but still, it was good enough. I was really suprised by my calfs…Those suckers did not wanna give up. I did 1 set of all of these. In terms of soreness, the only thing that is sore right now is my shoulders….Thats really it. But I’d be a fool to say it doesn’t work simply because I don’t feel sore.

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I downloaded the ebook from Pete Sisco and I don’t understand a thing about it. Maybe you experts can help me out a bit here because it seems interesting but it’s just badly explained.

At first he’s telling me he’s gonna give all the basics of his training, instead he’s babbling about story’s and phonecalls he got from people. He’s rambling about these mathemetical formulas that they’re difficult to understand, no Pete, it’s just a formula. Why don’t you tell us something about your training??

- He doesn’t say anything about rest in between sets. Do you count these in your time spend doing the exercise, or do you just count the exercise time, the time you’re actually doing the exercise?

- Find your sweet spot? Man, how can I find my sweet spot? What do I do when I’ve found it? Why would I want to find it? He’s showing graphs of people doing more weight and less reps and so on, so according to the formula there is the sweet spot. Ok there it is, but did these people do these different weights all in one workout to find out their sweet spot? Or did it take them 14 workouts? That would be insane just looking for it.

- About reps, nothing about reps! For instance take the Power index that measures Beta Strenght. Let’s say I used 50 pounds in 2 minutes. I couldn’t do anymore reps. So that means 2500 (50 X 50)pounds / 2 minutes= 1250 so Power Index is 1.250. Grrreat. Now let’s say the next time I’m doing 50 pounds again but I’m going on for 3 minutes!! Woohooo I must be getting stronger, I can do the exercise longer! Well let’s see here. 2500 / 3 minutes = 833.33… Power Index 0.833, less than before. What gives? If the formula would count reps in it this mistake wouldn’t have happened.

- Recovery time. Soooo important according to him and I agree. But how do you calculate your recovery time? He’s talking all about science is important to calculate your recovery time, but there isn’t a formula or anything.

- And last, what’s the difference between Power Factor Training and Static Contraction Training? It seems like he just coppied the text. Ok I understand That PFT is about reps and SCT about static holds but a little more information would come in handy.

Ok maybe I’ve asked some stupid questions, but I’m sure there are smart ones too. I’m just a little frustrated that there isn’t too much information about the program itself.

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Originally Posted by morpheusx
Hello everyone,

I’ve been a long time lurker and figured that now is as good a time as any to make my first post. :-)

I have been utterly erratic in my jelqing and stretching exercises, so I’ve made no noticeable gains yet after a few months. When I first started, I thought I noticed real gains in girth and my girlfriend would comment on it, but that was just usually soon after jelqing, when I was still swollen. I got busy, tired, lazy and stopped jelqing and she soon after stopped commenting about my newly added girth. :-(

But after hearing about all the gains everyone seems to have been making, I plan to get back on the horse!

Now, my question is in regards to the amount of jelqing and stretching required to stimulate growth and the amount of recovery time required to see the growth happen.

Here’s my long winded wind-up (bear with me):

Many months ago I discovered a revolutionary way to grow muscles called - “Static Contraction Training” (some of you might have heard about it).

For those that don’t know, SCT is a new weightlifting technique that basically says that all that’s required to stimulate muscle growth is an extremely brief, maximum intensity rep (one per bodypart), where you barely lift a huge weight about an inch or so (off of the pins), while having your muscles in their strongest, most bunched up position (strongest range of motion) and give it 100% effort.

The effort is so intense that your muscles can’t keep it up for more than 7 -10 seconds, after which they fail on you. That massive intensity effort triggers the nervous system to send the muscle growth signal to your brain. That’s all that’s required to actually stimulate massive muscle growth - without the grueling, energy draining, tissue and ligament damaging workouts that most people subject themselves to in the gym 3-4 times per week.

In SCT, each and every time you work out, you MUST increase the weight by about 10% percent to keep increasing the demand on your body, forcing it to adapt to a larger load and grow larger muscles as a result.

MOST importantly, SCT points out that unless you allow your body to fully, 100% recover from that past workout, you will not grow any muscle.

1) First you trigger the growth with the workout
2) Then you give your body all the time it needs to FULLY recover from the drain and strain of the workout
3) Only after you have finished fully recovering will your body actually grow new muscle to adapt to the stress of the weight you subjected it to during the last work out.

Now that I’ve explained the mechanics of it, here is my question in regards to PE exercises:

Does jelqing stimulate growth, like body building muscle, or is it simple hypertrophy - the deformation of a body appendage through artificial means, such as the rings on those long necked African women?
And in the case of both jelqing and stretching, since growth ONLY occurs AFTER the body has recovered sufficiently, does that mean that that jelqing should be done briefly and intensely, but then several days or more of recovery time are in order to give it time to recover and grow?

By the way, in case you’re wondering, Static Contraction Training works like nothing you’ve ever known. It is definitively the last workout program you’ll ever do. Once you try it, you’re hooked for life.
I mean.. Work out for 7 seconds once a week for 3 weeks and actually SEE an inch and a half of muscle tacked onto your biceps? Of PERMANENT, REAL concrete growth, no artificial “pump” from a work out? It’s insane! :-)

Anyway, I know I sound like a salesmen for SCT or something, but I’m just as convinced of it’s effectiveness as the pros are about PE’s effectiveness and I’m wondering how the recovery time and growth issue overlaps with PE.

Interested on anyone’s thoughts here.

Interesting post.

Quite interesting, but I believe that this method would be counter productive.. Lets put it this way, it’s like cheating your body, giving signals to the brain that it needs growth, while we can assume that an individual may be able to achieve gains, thus, it gives a gap of gap to your strongest and weakest point, resulting less endurance and consistency than most normal exercise would be.

And just imagine your body needs to take a lot of days to recover, lets say 5-7days or something, imagine what your doing to your body if you need that kind of time to recover, it must be a massive impact to the nervous system and the overall fitness of the individual..

I’m a sprinter by the way and I also tried it, as a result my burst was a lot stronger, I admit but along the run, it fades.. Slowing me down

The world is ours for the taking (evil laugh). :D

What a witch hunt! Sad! Here is a guy, with a good head on his shoulders, trying out a new theory and all he gets is shit from everyone. Guess you chased him out of here quickly. Mission accomplished…

Originally Posted by Crabman99

What a witch hunt! Sad! Here is a guy, with a good head on his shoulders, trying out a new theory and all he gets is shit from everyone. Guess you chased him out of here quickly. Mission accomplished…

Do you realize this thread is 7 years old? Whats the point of your post?

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Originally Posted by redrooster
We agree on Tony Robbins and his system, his best stuff was borrowed from Richard Bandler founder of N.L.P, Neurolinguistic programing. Bandler is amazing although not as well rounded or polished as Robbins.

Anyone who has ever worked out knows muscular size is not proportionate to strength. I made strength gains months on end with little or no size gains due to improper training ,sct or one set to failure(I could have gone the other route with German volume training and overtrained ).But once I understood the nature of size gains, Size and strength were proportionate.

I have science and experience on my side although they may be no match for MASSIVE SIZE made in ONE HOUR PER WEEK with LITTLE EFFORT using only CAPITAL LETTERS!

Red Rooster

P.S. You write good sales copy even if I disagree wholeheartedly. Whats your web address?

As a Bandler trained NLP Practitioner I have to set the record straight. Bandler taught Robbins NLP and Robbins went on to do his thing from there.

Regarding SCT, I’ve trained that way for years and it makes you stronger than the steroid boys to the point of embarrassment. I train at home these days and so I don’t have access to the smith machine and the leg press rack any longer, but I made a bench press rack out of two-by-fours and do one inch presses with 600lbs; but I wouldn’t recommend doing the same sort of thing with your dick, you are likely to tear it off!

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