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Question regarding measurement preference.

Question regarding measurement preference.

So, normally when I measure, I tend to go with the ruler on the left side of my penis pushing against the pubic bone. I measure around 6.75” on the left side. I measured on the right side yesterday and hit 7.25”. Just wondering what everyone thinks I should use as my official measurement? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone else out there have a variation like that on one side versus the other?

You should be measuring from the top for bone pressed. This won’t give any variance caused by either a curve or any other physical lack of symmetry of either side.

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Confirming what donttaze says.

Ruler on top of penis, pressed against pubic bone. Length is from base to tip. That is how they measure in scientific studies like Ansel Lifestyle Condom.

But really, the most important thing is that you measure the same way every time. Point of BPEL measurements is to track progress.

(sounds like you have a curved dick, like me and many other men)

The most accurate way and when people say BPEL (bone pressed erect length) they are or should be measuring from the top of the penis. The only time I measure from the side is for my ego or if I’m showing my girlfriend to impress her. When I measure from the side I get almost 0.5-1.0 inches more than when I measure from the top.

Thanks all for the input. For the record my BPEL is the same measuring from the left side versus the top. I will probably start measuring from the top front now on.

I measure from the top, slightly to the side midline of the cock. The reason I stopped measuring directly above the cock with the cock under the ruler was that
the ruler pushed in on a suspensitory “lig” which is approx 1/8” wide in the center of the cock. When this lig is pushed on it causes the cock to be pulled back and length to be lost.

Measuring to the side of this lig, presents a measurement which does not change.

I measure from the right side, but I measure where the penis starts. I don’t want to measure from the top because there is a slight curve, but if I bend the tape measure along the curve I get the same result as from the right side.

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