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Question re:erections

Question re:erections

I have been pe’ing for maybe 20-25 days, with a rest day or two every 4-5 days, during this period. I have found my general strength of erection has declined during the time of this, i recently took 4 days out, and by the end of the 4th day the strength had come back to full, if not a little better.

Is this lack in strength due to over working or down to fatigue, much like your legs if you run a marathon every day ? I have gained around .25 of an inch and i am pleased with my gains, although i do not wish to sacrifice hard on strength for size.

any help would be great

(ps, i am 18, and have been on a fairly rigerous routine of around 400-500 wet jelqs a day)

ATM = 7 6/8 x 51/8 Next Goal = 8.0 x 5.5 Current Routine = Length Only (stretching)

What you’re feeling is indeed fatigue and it is normal. You are doing a good job listening to your body. I would continue to do your routine and every once in awhile take several days off to make sure you’re doing no harm. With your age as low as it is, that is when you’re erections are at its hardest in a man’s life (assuming you have no ED). So you may not see much improvements in that but only in size. Many of us see improvements in erection strength because we are older, in my opinion.

Good luck on your continuing gains.

Thanks a lot , help like that makes this forum as great as it is.

ATM = 7 6/8 x 51/8 Next Goal = 8.0 x 5.5 Current Routine = Length Only (stretching)


Does your screen name have significance?
I suggest you change it to something more positive.
performance anxiety is a form of fear and a cause of most erectile dysfunction in persons under 40 years old.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

No , no significance , just a handle i’ve used on the internet (i used to play semi-proffessional online games and chose it). Thanks for the advice, i have a few other names i might change it to.

ATM = 7 6/8 x 51/8 Next Goal = 8.0 x 5.5 Current Routine = Length Only (stretching)

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