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Question on stretching

Question on stretching

I just started jelqing this week.

I have a question on the stretching exercise.

I get a good grip with both hands yet when I stretch it seems like I’m really only stretching the outer skin rather than the underlying muscle. Maybe I am not understanding exactly what I’m supposed to be stretching. I’ve read of others feeling the stretch in their ligaments. I don’t think that I’m really reaching that.

Any suggestions or input?


Hey gettinlarge nice to see you here,

Use an overhand ok behind the glans. Protect your skin with a little piece of smooth cloth wrapped around the glans or ensure a good grip with talc or a dishwashing glove (or similar).

When using two hands apply the second hand to the first not to the penis.

Stretching straight out or up will most effect the tunica. Stretching down or BTC will effect mostly the ligaments.

Personally I worry about erection angle. If you are not, then consider BTC stretches as a route to fast growth.


Grab your penis behind the glans from behind through the legs and pull up toward (or beyond) the anus.

You should feel the stretch on the base of your penis right?

You’ll feel the ligaments stretching at the base. Stretching the tunica is, for me at least, something that’s felt during the stretch but more noticeable after the release of the stretch.

Different angles will apply different levels of force to the tunica/ligaments. Bib posted a good explanatory post.
on this recently.

Angles of BTC through to below SO will effect the ligaments more and angles from SO to OTS will effect the tunica more. SO is straight out (the only term missing from the glossary).

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