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Question on Ligaments and length

Question on Ligaments and length

Hi, I’ve been PEing for a long time. The last almost 2 months, I’ve been hanging. I really really have had trouble gaining length, and it’s starting to get really frustrating.

In regards to LOT, I’m a 6. What I think might be an issue is that I’ve been told I’m hyper mobile in the ligament area, in other words I have very loose ligaments. I found this out because my shoulders are tremendously loose and put pressure on my scapula, which in turn became very painful.

Is it possible that I’m not just loose in my shoulder and ‘body’ ligaments but also in the ligaments around my penis?

Could this be why I have had a tough time gaining length and haven’t gained anything through 2 months of hanging? (I have gotten up to 12.5 pounds with not much trouble)

I’ve felt stress and slight soreness in the back ligaments behind the penis as well as the top ones from the hanging yet I haven’t gained.

Do I need to keep going and just keep hanging? Or should I really focus on tunica stretches as I never really had any ligament gains possible to begin with?

-Very frustrated

I wouldn’t put much faith in the LOT theory, if I were you. It never proved out to have validity.

Two months of PE are not a long time. Many of us don’t see a difference after 5 mos., or longer.

You have a choice of sticking to what you are doing and of many other routines you could take up, or incorporate along with the hanging.

Loose ligaments? Tight ligaments? I don’t think the ligs have much to do with penile tissue growth. They have a good deal to do with how an erection stands, though.



Thanks I think you may be right. I guess I have trouble sticking to one thing for long enough to give it a real chance.

I mean I’d have no problem hanging for 8 months without gain if I knew it’d eventually work. If you and others say that it can take 5 months or longer to see really any improvement I believe you.

Sorry about that.

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