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Question on girth size

Question on girth size

Ok I’ve been reading around and it seems my penis is an odd shape. They say the average of 1.5 width of a penis should come around to 5 inches, but mine is 4 6/16 measured with a string. My width of my penis is like 1.7..Is this awkward? It seems like my penis is flat compared to all the other guys out there.

Hi Peter,

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How are you measuring the width? Its normal for a penis to be wider than it is high (if you know what I mean), because the erect shaped is mostly formed by two tubes (the CC) side by side.

I concur with momento.

Oh, how I hope and pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill.

Thank you for the welcome. I carefully measure the width of my jr with a flat measuring tape on the widest part of the shaft and get 1.7in..It seems like my penis is flatter than most guys out there. Cause people with 1.5width usually have around 5inches of girth but mine is only 4 6/16in in girth with 1.7width. Anyways thanks for the welcome.

Like memento said, dicks are usually a bit wider than high. My dick is about 1.9-2” wide, and I’m 5.5” in girth.

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Are you basing this on Size’s stats page or some other source? Size’s info is calculated from the girth using a cylindrical model, its not an actual measurement.

Note that Krowax also gives a range measurement, measuring with a ruler you’re only likely to get that kind of accuracy. If you want proper accuracy a set of calipers is probably a better bet. Personally I think your penis sounds normal.

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