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Question on DMG

Question on DMG

Hey everybody, I guess I have to post the question here since I’m a newbie, and I can’t start a post on the other forms, anyway, has anybody used DMG (Dimethylglycine)? I have this book called super nutrition for men, by Glttleman, MS, CNS, and she says it increased muscle tone of the organs, including the sexual organs, and restores the elasticity and strength of the penis, and also DMG increases cellular production of lecithin, which is found in high amounts in male reproductive fluid and helps promote sex hormone secretion.
I was wondering what was your experience with DMG and how it effected you.


Well to put it simply, since this modified amino acid has only undergone successful clinical trials in animals, it’s your call. Emphasis is placed on it’s beneficial effects in promoting uptake and use of Oxygen within the bodies cells. If you read some of the websites advertising it’s effects you’ll see that this function is used to make several remarkably un-scientifically substantiated claims. EG:

“It slows down the aging of the cells of the body thus retarding the aging of the body as a whole.

By the same property of cellular oxygenation it acts as a Preventive for AIDS and CANCER.

By virtue of being a methyl donor it increases immune response of the body and hence makes the body resistant in general to all diseases.

As a feed supplement for Horses, Cattle, Poultry, Fishery etc., for purposes of enhancement of Athletic Performance, Disease free growth through higher immunity, High quality Meat etc. Etc.

Immune-modulation for imparting resistance to various diseases in Marine culturing, Aqua culturing, Fisheries, Hatcheries, Poultries & Stud farms etc.

Reduction and removal of ARTHRITIC PROBLEMS in humans.”

It couldn’t get any more general than this.

Basically it acts to provide more oxygen for your cells. This no doubt is a good thing, but is it worth the money you pay? If the effects of “increasing muscle tone of the penis” we’re to be explained it would possibly be to say it just makes the cells healthier due to greater oxygen uptake. Remember there’s a great thing called the placebo effect that you might be paying for in the end.

Yeah, but it tastes SO much worse.

Hey Bam

Thanks for the help and input


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