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Question of time?

Question of time?

Okay, when do you guys usually do your workouts. Particularly those with wives, or live in girlfriends that don’t know you are peing?

I work 7-3, and the wife works 9-5, so I’m kind of lucky there. I guess if my wife were always around, I’d try to do some quick jelqs and stretches in the shower. You’d probably have time to do at least 100 jelqs and a few sets of stretches in the shower without making it obvious you’re in there too long. I also do a few quick stretches every time I go to the bathroom just for the hell of it. Kegels you can do any time… hell I’m doing them right now while I’m typing this.

The decimal representation of phi is 1.6180339887499...

So the question is: Will 2-5 short sessions be as effective as 1 long session. I have been hitting it about 3 times a day for 5 minutes or so each, with some stretching and jelqs. We’ll see.

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