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Question: Hanging and Jelquing together

Question: Hanging and Jelquing together

I’m posting this here because I do not think I have enough of a post count yet to put this in the Hangers Forum.

Ok, So I have been doing the newbie routine for awhile now, about 1 year and a bit, inconsistently I might add.
So far I have gained about half an inch, maybe just over.

My Routine was:

5-10 Minutes Stretching
20-30 Minutes manual stretching (5 directions)
And however long it takes to do 200 Jelqs (Haven’t gone over that yet)

Tomorrow I go out to Canadian Tire(Canadian home improvement type place) to get everything needed to create a couple “Captain’s Wench” Hangers (Really excited about this).

So I searched the forums, did reading, learned alot, and then found this: Hanging 101 + Sample Routine
I’ve decided that will be my first routine, probably starting with anywhere from 2-5 lbs (Because I like to figure out exactly whats right for me.don’t want to screw up like when I first started jelqing).

My question though is, when I start this hanging routine ,do I stop jelqing? Will jelqing after this hanging routine be too much of a strain?
I haven’t had any serious injuries yet, three times I have had a few spots, stopped jelqing for a few days ( stopped masturbating for that time too), and the spots went away.
And I sometimes get a light purple tint to the head, no soreness or anything though(a light purple is commonplace for most jelqers I think though).
I’ve read that I can do a few minutes light jelqing in between sets, but is that enough? Or do I do the Hanging routine, then wait a few hours to do Jelqing routine?

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks ^_^

Jelq in between hanging sets is to help your penis blood circulation or something. It is good. If you have time, try hanging in the morning and jelqing in the evening or vice versa but do not injure yourself. If you feel that is too much, just do either one.

Hope that helps. :)

When you get a BJ, life is good

It Does help, thank you ^_^

So, please update. Have you tried this? Does it help?

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