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Question from Russia

Question from Russia

Hi bros!! Greeting from far Russia ! ;-)
I was Peing for 1 month (Jelqing and manual stretching).
My routine was
10 min hot wrap
20 min manual stretch
30 min jelq
10 min hot wrap

What do you say I mean effectiveness?
I plan to use the following routine
10 min hot wrap
1 hour manual stretch
1 hour jelq
10 min hot wrap

Did someone use the same?
I read Yboy used 1 hour stretch and 45 jelqing

P.S. I’m so grateful to GOD that I found such a place! I see so many good people here!!

Hello Ronnie147,

Welcome to the forum. Is it cold there?

Too much jelqing can be bad. Even your starting routine seems like too much.

Don’t change your routine apart from maybe 15-20 minutes jelqing instead of 30 minutes. If your penis ever becomes very small after a routine then you are doing too much.

Maybe add some V-stretches and shorten the amount of time you stretch too (though lots of stretching is probably not too bad).

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Hi Ronnie!!!

Welcome! Memento said the truth.

What part of Russia are you from?

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Thank you for reply! These are first replies and I feel my myself the REAL MEMBER now!! ;-) Yes it’s quite cold here.

You know, I read about some guys (probably best gainers) here who did intense workouts from the beginning and got good gains. So I’m a bit confused.

Does someone can explain me why 60 mins of jelqing/stretching is worse than 20 mins jelqing/stretching? I can’t understand that.

You know, I just have the possibility to spend any amount of time PEing.


As it is in weightlifting, it is also possible to do too much in PE. You could be overworking. And don’t confuse intensity with volume. Short workouts can be very intense and beneficial. You need rest time to repair tissue.

I recommend adding some sqeezes,edging, and maybe some erect moves.

Also, although I am sure it is cold over there in Russia, at least you have (at least in my opinion) some hot women to warm things up.

Well I was always a good gainer and I did 15 minutes of jelqing a session. Its a common misperception that the more work you do the more you will gain.

Maybe I should leave it to the anatomists here to give you a good explanation but not knowing something has never stopped me in the past.

What we are aiming for in excercises like jelqing is very small amount of tearing in the penis structure, something the body will replace with much the same tissue allowing us to strech more and gain more. If we stress the penis too much we end up with too much damage and then the body will both fight back by repairing the tissue with greater thickness and maybe replace good tissue with scar tissue (which though weaker is not ‘live’ tissue).

As we progress in PE the penis build up resistance, many people have found that overdoing it results in zero gains or maybe the same initial gain of lost length but stagnation soon after. Possibly this is because the penis builds up resistence more quickly.

Stretching or hanging is a different thing, it seems to work just as well if you do lots of it as opposed to a little of it. Maybe because it is more of a gradual thing, maybe because the penis is in a stretched state for longer.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Ronnie, welcome to Thunder’s Place!

I agree with mem that your jelqing might be too much. Although, I think it depends on the number of strokes more than the amount of time they are performed in. Some guys do a long slow 3 or 4 second stroke and some do a fast 1 or 2 second stoke. Depending on your technique, this could be either 450 or 1200 stokes in a half hour. The most stokes I would recommend for someone starting out, regardless of technique, is around 250. This is enough to have an effective workout without potentially injuring yourself. Other that that, your routine sounds very solid. Stick with it and I’m sure you’ll be seeing gains in no time!

Dosvedanya Ronnie! Welcome aboard. Memento is the man, listen carefully to him. Think of PE as a long distance race, not a sprint. Start out slowly, pace yourself and finish strong. Think years, not months and one day you will have the biggest penis in all of Russia! I cherish having a Ukrainian on-board, I love the way you guys think. I look forward to reading every one of your posts…

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Re: Question from Russia

Originally posted by Ronnie147
Did someone use the same?
I read Yboy used 1 hour stretch and 45 jelqing

Hey Ronnie, Welcome to Thunders.

I think you’re talking about me, right? I have done routines in the past with 45 mins-1 hour of stretching, followed by 45 mins of jelqing. I worked up to those routines after a few months. For you, with only doing one month of PE so far, I think you’re doing too much. I think that routine would be too much for most people.

And what worked for me, may not work for you. To each his own. In retrospect, I think I was doing too much jelqing back then anyways.

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Dear brothers!

I’m so happy for your hearty welcome.

Never expected that first people of community would instantly answer newbie like me!

This place is more than just forum! It’s a community of very kind and smart people. And as we see it becomes international!

I wish you all prosperity in all ways of life !

I’m going to start in couple of days and sure there WILL BE a result!

I’m starting from 14cmX11.5cm NBPE


For those of you other PE enthusiasts….the FSU is absolutely filled to the brim with hot women! Ronnie, I wish you the best!

Welcome to Thunder’s Place, Ronnie. Just stick and stay and you’ll get to play.(with your new BIG toy) Lol!

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