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Question from a newbie, am I training too rigorous

Question from a newbie, am I training too rigorous

Hello, well I just decided to start PEing on a regular basis the wednesday before last, so I am in my second week rite now. I have read many manuals and different opinions and things like that on routines, and I decided to start my routine like this, all of this is in the shower with hot water by the way:

1. Warmup- I let the hot water soak my dick for a while while the water is running

2. Then I stretch it clockwise and counter clockwise for about 15 seconds each. At half erect length

3. Then I stretch my dick in every direction up, down, left, right and straight ahead for about 15 seconds each direction. I do this 2 times, at half erect length

4. Then I dry jelq under the hot shower water 150 times fully erect

5. Then I wet jelq under the hot shower water with soap 150 times fully erect

6. And finally I repeat steps 2,3 this time I may be a little more erect tho and do a few jelqs to get some blood back in the head of the penis at the end

I do this routine TWICE a day, once in the morning or afternoon, and once before bed time. I did this for 5 days straight and took 2 days off.

Now I have been PEing a little bit in the past, I would just jelq every now and then before I masturbated, but probably everytime I masturbated, and I never saw results.

Does anybody think I am being to rigorous for starting a daily routine? My penis does feel a bit tired and sore afterwards, but it is not unbearable or anything, any suggestions would be great.

Also, I only masturbate or try and have sex 2 times a week; on my 2 off days in a row, is that not good? I am trying to cut down on wackin off totally(is that better?) and just getting my nut off by fucking every week. Because I feel like my dick doesnt get any work done when I cum and contracts.


I’m pretty green to this myself too, but that does look as if you’re overdoing it a bit by training twice a day. Jelqing whilst fully erect isn’t the best of ideas either from what I’ve read here.

I’m not sure it’s even possible to quit sex and jacking off completely!

Just out of curiosity, why reinvent the wheel?

Why not simply click on the HUMONGOUS newbie routines at the top of the newbie forum where you posted this?

And if not simply starting with the newbie routine, what would you expect the response to your custom routine to be?

Not an attack, just genuine curiosity.

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You are definitely going to hurt yourself. The purpose of this forum is to inform guys how to PE successfully and safely and you have managed to successfully ignore all of the info here.

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Well actually, I started this regimen before I found this website, (2 days ago), and I felt that if my dick could withstand the first week, it should be alright the next. Now that I researched a little more, I decided maybe my workout regimen was too rigorous so I asked. But I guess you guys are right, I’m just gonna change into the newbie routine, and switch to 2 days on, 1 off. And also I said I was going to try and cut down on my wacking off totally or make it very minimal, but I could never give up sex totally lol. Thanks for the advice

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It’s a bit too much doing the routine once a day, but TWICE?! You’re gonna get injuries going that fast.

I’m also curious why you used soap for the wet jelqs. NEVER DO THAT. Not only will your dick dry faster, but in the chance some soap goes down your urethra, it will burn when you pee. Seriously…I did that when I was 11 when I just started masturbating and it hurt like hell. Lotion’s a better choice than soap. Never, ever use soap as lube…

Only thing I can tell you is to do a search for eract jelqs. Most every thread in here that I’ve seen does not recommend them. Too easy to hurt yourself that way. But like Andro said just use the newbie routine that is already set up. You’re not gonna get gains any quicker doing more than what that says at the beginning. You’re more likely to suffer some type of injury and be out of commision for awhile. Good luck and welcome to Thunder’s.

I believe Thunder has said in the beginning instructions not to use soap

And it’s a good idea to wait an hour before masturbation or having

Sex after PEing

Thanks for the advice, I must have missed the soap part I don’t remember seeing it, but I will definately slow down, because I can’t be out of commision, that would really suck, I just hate the cleanup after using vaseline or lotion, oh well guess I gotta do something.

Start 11/23/05: BPEL- 6.5" EG- 5.7" Goal By 11/23/06 or earlier: BPEL- 7.5" EG- 6.5"

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