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Question for you luvdadus

question for u luvdadus

I am beginning to start PE like next week. HOwever i have some newbie questions to ask hope u can help me out with this.

For stretching, jelg (3 secs strokes) and kegels (5 secs hold). To be honest i do not actually understand. Is there some picture or something which i can see so i can actually understand them?

thanks alot for your help.

i really appreciate it.

A little constructive criticism

Glad to see you are getting started with you new routine.

Luvdadus is a great source of information.

On future posts, use the spell checker. Proper punctuation is also appreciated. It really helps the communication process.

If you dint hear it from Thunder, you will soon, so I thought I would step in.

Good luck on your gains!


be back soon

hi Dura!
Thanks for responding. Is it possible that you can provide some elaborate information about my questions please?

thanks alot and i am very sorry about the punctuation errors i had made on my first post.


grab in the groove behind the head either overhand or underhand grip, whichever works best, and pull. Some recommend pulling in all directions, I just pull straight our or down. The use of baby powder or talc can help with getting a good grip.

get a semi erection (your penis should still be easily bendable), take an overhand grip and make an ok sign close to the base of the penis. squeeze and pull towards the head. Think of squeezing the contents out of a linl of fresh sausage. You should feel the blood move forward, your head will puff up some. 3 sec jelqs - 100 strokes should take about 5 min. pause to fluff up when you are too flaccid, pause when you are too erect.

it is the same muscle you use to stop a stream of urine, your asshole will also get into the act to some extent, try to focus on the penis part though and although you cannot totally inhibit the anal sphincter, try to not rely on an ass squeeze too much.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Re: A little constructive criticism

Originally posted by Dura Ace
If you dint hear it from Thunder, you will soon, so I thought I would step in.


How about that! I lecture the poor guy on cleaning up his post for grammar, etc., then I let the work “dint” slip through.

I have a lot to learn too!!

Now I feel like such a dick.


be back soon

hello luvdadus,

after the first 6 weeks i proceed with the 2nd stage that i found on the newbie thread for another 6 weeks or 2 - 3 weeks?

after i completed the the 2 stages, do you have any rough idea how much gain will i be expecting? i am not expecting WOW! 1 INCH! not that. just curious to know around how much i will be getting.

also after the 2 stages, should i continue the 2nd stage or should i move on to a advance level? if so which one should i go to?

sorry to ask you this question so early cause i wanna print them out incase some of the old threads are gone.

thanks alot! ;)

Go ahead and gradually add minutes of stretching up to 15, or replace them with the DLD blasters. I would continue jelqing for 30 min. I think I would stick with this routine untill it no longer produces gains for you. Rate of gain and pattern of gains vary wildly. I got my first inch in length in a little over 7 weeks. Some get nothing for months then suddenly start to grow. Some are slow gradual gainers. After my initial fast gains I gained at an average of 1/8” in length per month.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

thanks alot dude!!!

Note taken! :)

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