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Question for you 6-inchers


My starting measurements are 7’x5.75’ and one liked it whilst the other already thought of it as too big.

She was definitely moaning, and when we both came all she said was “wow.” Shortly after I asked her if I still should be a little concerned with my size, instantly she said no way “You know how to work it.” A few hours after she left she still had time away from the bf and requested sex again..

Jeesh, I would like you to comment on this thread Has having a bigger dick made any difference?
I didn’t start it but I say alot of what you just confirmed. Confidence does allot for your sex drive doesn’t it?

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


I read a handful of posts in that thread, including yours Dawgbone. I agree that confidence has a huge role in things, and I personally believe the most important factor to take into account is your partner. If she is a bigger girl you’re gonna want get as big as possible, if she’s petite and tiny she’s gonna say you have a big cock all the way up to you growing old, and anything in between there is like some weird form of legos just gotta fit the right pieces together.

Congratulations EdgeWalker, it sounds like your starting measurements were already to big for one girl how much bigger do you think is necessary even?

Another thing I was wondering..

My penis has a decent size curve in it, so when I measure length with a straight edge it’s only about 5.5NBPL where I’m able to fit a full finger underneath the straight edge.

Do you guys think women are unable to accurately measure length? Hence my ex saying I was below average?
Or is it reasonable to assume a lot of guys have a curve and I should be measuring length excluding the curve factor?

Measure with a tailors tape brother, that’s the right way to do it and follow your curve, meaning lay it along you and move to to the way your penis goes if necessary.


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