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Question for those who had to take a break

Question for those who had to take a break

If you had to take a break (for injury recovery or whatever other reason), did you notice any loss of your gains? Either in erect length or girth, I mean. If so, how much. Also, please mention about how long you took off. Thanks.

I’m a horrible record keeper, I’ve experienced losses both ways and the break was app. 6 months or so. About an inch was lost length and the same on girth but I don’t think the girth was really cemented, I was doing some crazy Extreme Ulis.

Yes you lose gains unfortunately, unless you “cement” them first, try searching for threads about cementing gains. I started last year, gained a bit, got lazy and quit (well not just laziness) and I lost my gains after a month or so, I’m not really sure. I’m now back into it and I have a lot more free time and determination which means I won’t be quitting!

I took a year off jelqing but I still stretched when I thought about it. I took time off due to illness, I sure I lost some length, and some girth as well, I did not measured when I started back up again in September of 06.

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Yes, I have lost length and girth. But no matter. A couple weeks after PE’ing they all returned :D

I suppose it’s like when you body build, once you’ve had the muscle size there before it’s easier to get back to it than the first time around.

Every time I took a break, I lost about 0.2-0.3inches off my length and hardly anything in girth.

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