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Question for the pros about targeting glans girth


Originally Posted by Shilow
This so-called theory is just the common jelq with added emphasis to your corona. The glans is the end of your pipe and will take the most abuse, during penetration it has to burrow through a sometimes dry and tight hole and during an erection it has to hold the entire appendage together and resist an explosion (A pepsi bottle in the freezer will blow its cap under temperature extremes).

The technique to getting optimal expansion of the glans is not to become too erect during the exercise. When you become to erect in the jelq/expansion process it is like the pepsi bottle in the freezer; your head will not pop off but your exercise will be futile because the pressure is too high for elasticity thresholds of the tissue. A soft penis with complete engorgement is a tool waiting to be exploited. Hang tough, hang long.

I was asking about your theory for our capacity for gains. And I don’t think many people have trouble expanding their glans, its keeping it in this expanded state that is the problem.

Starting size: 7"x5.25" bp

Current size: 7.25"x5.875" bp

Goal size: 8.75"x6" bp

Built-in capacity theory argues we have weak existing erections and hidden size that can be realized through natural PE methods. The erectile circulatory system must be improved and parts of the physiology must be weakened to achieve optimal erect size. The process of PE conditions tissue to hold greater volumes of blood and therefore achieve size through vastly increased engorgement levels.

Arteriole widening and weakened suspensory tissues allow for the new size. This new size is predictable and determined through simple methods of testing ones own elasticity and exposing the inner penis.

The exercised penis is recognizable by the appearance of a “turkey neck” at the base of the penis indicating suspensory structures have been deformed, and vascular-rich appearance on the lateral and dorsal sides. In effect, you change out the pipes for a “higher flow rate” capacity; this will affect your blood volume and improve your “pump” (pressure gradient). As the flowmetrics change you begin to realize the penis God had intended for you, it only makes sense that God in His original design prescribed a large phallus for mankind (more pleasure, more desire, a happier camper).

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I head a joke about a pepsi bottle once, empty from the neck up or something to that effect.

:rofl: :rolling:

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