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Question for the experts

Question for the experts

I’ve been PEing with the newbie routine for a little over a month now. I got very small gains but I’m not disappointed since I think I’m learning to work on my dickey properly and looking at it’s reactions..

Anyway, managed to practice every other day, but here comes my question: I was thinking to stretch every day and jelq every other day cause I think that my ligs are pretty strong and I should stress them more. Do you think stretching every day is too much? The recover period is due mostly to jelqing or also to stretching?

As you probably understand I’d like to gain in length before working more seriously on girth, I was also thinking about getting a hanger, but reading your wise tips I think I’ll keep on stretching still for a while. What do you think?

You are progressing along well if you have gained anything in the first month. I thing you are going about thing correctly and with the right mindset.

Stretching every day… is probably fine, you still will want to take a day off sometimes. I’m not going to recommend hanging just yet, but after a few more weeks you might look into it.

For what it’s worth you can get length gains from jelq as well, I attribute most of my 1.25” gains to jelqing.


You could hang but just go very very light. Like no more then 2lbs. But if you don’t think your ready to hang yet then your not. Before you start to hang read everything you can on the subject.

Originally Posted by Slack
If you are gaining, then just continue with what you are doing.

If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it!

I agree, just keep doing what you’re doing if you’re making gains. When you stop makings gains is when you should change it up .

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