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Question for some vets with success

Question for some vets with success

I have been PE ing for over a year now with some success. I’ll admit my starting measurements were perhap crude and untrustworthy but I believe they were about 4.75 ” top under glans 4.5 at base and somewhere in between middle, and just under 7 nbpel My stats now with two days off and no swelling in the CS are just hard everywhere are 4.75 base ( well really bottle neck area that moved up from base) 5” top under glans. Between 7.25 and 7.5 nbpel and 7 15/16- 8 1/16 bpel. I used a silicone sleeve ads system for a while and have since given up stretching and concentrate on girth only now. I figure jelqing will hold my length. I combine about thirty perfect jelqs then a couple sets clamping and edging. I was doing two a days of this the past couple weeks.

The question is, About six months ago I really felt I was on to something and wound up quitting for a bit and not really remembering what was working so well, and I lost what I had. It was basically around the same combo maybe 70 jelqs a day max. Split in two. With three sets clamping and edging at the end of the night combined with those jelqs. The trick I believe was I would work it hard on monday, sort of maintain and not work it as hard tuesday and wednesday. Then really work it getting great expansion thursday and friday. Basically to exhaustion. Then two days of and it seemed to work. If I overdid it in the middle of the week and continued that trend it seemed I wouldn’t have the nice flaccid hang for the weekend. I regularly hit 5.12 after some jelqs and that’ll hold for a while due to spongier CS. Edging with clamp I’ll hit 5.5 easy to 5.65. Last week I kept pushing it a little more towards the end of week and lost that sponginess. I was at the numbers I mentioned previously while measuring sunday. Top was a at 5.06 no sponginess. Erection was diamond hard. I hadn’t really lost that sponginess in the last few weeks and it got me a bit worried that I over did it. Then I thought I rembered reading something last year where that was the sign you were on the right track. It feels right because all of it is rock hard. All the way around. These are real numbers no sponginess and I think that means something. I have to do is jelq a bit and I’ll add another .12 easily all around. I hope someone can make some sense of this. This week I am trying to maximize by friday. Yesterday I limited myself to about the 30 jelqs and three sets of clamping thursday and friday I’d like to push it harder so I’m exhausted by friday end of sessions.

newguy2000, tell me more of what yourecall about knowing your doing right by the “sponginess/hardness”.

Do you recall where you read this?

I am trying to learn about girth gains, I am trying to avoid them presently, but if/when I make my goals in length I will perhaps work on girth as well then.
I might not though, but still, I want to learn more about girth gains.


PS. Sorry I am no help for your answers you seek.

12/10, Bpel-7", Mseg-6", Beg-6.3"

07/11, Bpel-7.85, Mseg-6.5", Beg-6.9" My routine and pics here

Nice going so far! Sounds like you’re about average in girth and well above average in length.

It sounds like your original routine was working if you gained with it. Personally, I’d suggesting keeping the length work, including the ADS, contrary to what you’re saying you’re doing now. I know what you’re talking about with the “sponginess” and temporary girth gains with the clamp, but I for one don’t think that amounts to gains if you’re not doing length work to stretch out the tunica. I also see that with some of my routine, but have yet to gain from it.

Even though you may be very happy with your length, as I am with mine, I think you still need to do length-focused exercises. The only PE conclusively shown to work in scientific studies has been ADS devices. Many of the men in these studies mysteriously gained girth, and I’d bet that if you do jelqs and clamping in addition to ADS, you’re far more likely to be like those men.

I'm a disciple of science.

Ivorytower. No I don’t really recall. I’m personally not even sure if I read it or it was just working for me or what. I started reading here just over a year ago. I wanna Nice girth by the way, I see what you mean , I’d say stay away from clamping, but other than that I’m no expert.

Scienceguy106, I actually did a very short ADS session this weekend on an off day. I used to subscribe to the theory about stretching out the tunica and thinking that would promote girth. I think I’ll perhaps do some light manual stretching daily in the shower, and some short ADS sessions few times a week. I stopped because I liked the length, but felt I was losing a hair of girth. Not to positive though I was just getting back into it kind of. I will keep an eye out and see what happens. I just am not interested in gaining length and no girth to be the long skinny penis guy. Also, I am not to keen on spending more time with PE than I have to. Even ThunderSS quit. There is a reason behind that ya know. But I will incorporate some stretching but girth is what I need. Good thing is that my top that measures 5 and some also measures 1.87 width with calipers. I think that girls like that part when I use it right. You guys with the bigger girth are better off in my opinion. With the way female anatomy is and all.

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