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Question for long time PE users...please give me some advice.

Question for long time PE users...please give me some advice.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to know if I’m wasting my time with the routine I’m currently doing. Basically I use my PJ device at around 12 in the afternoon (about 100-200 reps) and then I do it again around midnight again with about the same reps. I do this everyday, I don’t take a rest day cause 7 days is alright for me. My question is am I wasting my time doing 2 routines a day or should I just do 1 a day, I can do it twice a day with no problems at all, I’m just wondering if it’s even worth my time to do it twice a day or should I just do it once a day that allows a 12 hour break in between sessions. Since I’m not sure if doing 1 routine or doing the 2 routines a day is worth it I’m a bit confused, even with 1 routine a day if I did it at 12 midnight everyday that would give me a 24 hour rest time rather than the 12 hours I do now with doing it twice a day…any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

As long as you can handle it, more volume is better than less.

IMO your frequency is fine. I haven’t really seen any convincing arguments for longer rest times, other than periodic deconditioning, which I think is good.

As someone who has been doing PE since September 2003, I can say that the key is to constantly respond and adapt to your overall circumstances, both externally and internally. Your external circumstances are things such as your social/family life, job/work situation, needing to accomplish other goals, etc. Meanwhile, your internal is characterized by your everpresent yet everchanging states of mind in reaction to new external circumstances, mindsets which in turn push you ahead to making decisions which start the process all over again (e.g., sometimes feeling very stressed by other things going on and stopping PE, sometimes becoming totally focused on PE for whatever emotional reasons, etc.).

Hence, in my opinion, not focusing upon a constant balanced approach, flexible to your changing external and internal states, could facilitate setting yourself up for discouragement. In other words, my advice is don’t become fixated and caught up with designing and militantly following “the perfect routine.” Granted, as you continue to do PE, your persistence and additional experience will generate much needed insight as to what really is more effective for you. Moreover, you will start to realize what is an optimal routine—for you, more or less (which then will inevitably change again at some point in the future). However, this is where the external/internal dynamic could be a powerful force or hindrance. Either choose to accept and to attend to the wild ride that PE is about to take you on, or PE could in of itself possibly cause certain negative psychological consequences or otherwise. This is a mind process as much as it is a physical transformation.

In conclusion, my overall prescription is to keep certain information close at hand such as the wealth of insight you will find on this website, design a method of recording results, but most importantly, maintain a long-term diary. From this diary, you will discover that, like many other things, PE is about self-discovery. As well, therein you will enable yourself to effectively accommodate and mold yourself toward your PE goals. It goes without saying, though read about the success stories on here if necessary, how immensely different you will feel about yourself when you have produced results in balance AND in support of your other life pressures and goals.

I can tell you from personal experience that PE is a immense source of psychological empowerment. Welcome to the journey.

Start: 7.5 x 6 BPL; Current: 8.75 x 6.5 BPL; Goal: 10.5 x 7 BPL; Why we do it: "After half an hour of foreplay I was ready and although it was initially hard to get in, once it was fully in, I allowed it to rest there for a few minutes and allow my vaginal canal to relax more. The following sex was amazing, . . . it made me have multiple orgasms for about 40 mins. . . . How naive [I had been]. . . . size is everything."

That’s deep

Originally Posted by Insane_Man
I haven’t really seen any convincing arguments for longer rest times, other than periodic deconditioning, which I think is good.

I agree completely with Insane_Man’s suggestion of “periodic deconditioning.” There are numerous members of Thunder’s Place who can explain why, from a physiological standpoint, this is important.

However, my agreement stems more from personal experience and discovering how this can be conducive to long-term persistent effort and never giving up. Per my comments above, I have kept a log over the past three years, since I started PE, highlighting the months when I was active and when I was not. Interestingly, I did fall into a pattern of deconditioning, per Insane_Man’s term. Though honestly, I don’t recall deliberately ever saying to myself, “Ok, now I’ve got to decondition.”

Specifically, for whatever reason related to me, apparently my most active months historically occurred around February to May. Then, I would experience a lull period over the summers of virtually no PE, with returing full force to my self-prescribed routine somewhere around September. This would be followed by stopping PE all-together around November, as so forth.

The upshot, from another standpoint, is that I have created a detailed spreadsheet that represents as well predicts possible future results. I know that it may seem dubious to some folks that projecting is a good idea (i.e., analogous to overchecking). But, I can tell you that my doing this exercise, I feel I have created a powerful sense of long-term visualization, echoing the sentiments as encapsulated by the article herein entitled, “Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers,” from which in general I have gained mightily (i.e., RB’s “Visualize- Put your mind’s eye to work for you. Continually visualize what you want your penis to look like, to grow to be. It’s on it’s way. Visualization is very powerful and leads to a positive thought process.”). As the saying goes, love comes softly, but sometimes wisdom does too.

Finally, as can be infered in my comments above, I would like to assert that PE is a mind game above all else. How effective can I, or anyone in this space:

a) marry our (improved) understandings of how our bodies function;
b) utilize, discover, and/or improve upon the technologies and methodologies available;
c) determine how much any one of us individually can withstand or sustain (mentally, emotionally, and physically);
d) ascertain how to adapt to changing conditions and/or unfortunate events;
e) and find the will power to always press on.

Regarding the last challenge, I would like to thank Thunder for marshalling and helping to manage this very important medium, within which we can search for that extra something, whenever necessary. In other words, after all is said and one, I believe the ultimate relevance of this space for me has been how to press on. In fact, I believe malice, this thread starter, was implying this very thing as well, a seemingly common yet crucial question/motivation as to why this space has thrived.

As someone whose “been there” (though still needing to get somewhere—which is any and all of us), I don’t ever want a question such as what malice posed to ever lack responsive encouragement. I was a newbie PE’er just starting out once; and now, the most important thing I can do is to at least periodically write about my impressions, my experiences, my suggestions, and my critiques.

In my opinion, that is the truest form of paying my dues to this website.

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