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Question for LeLuv extender owners

Question for LeLuv extender owners

I own a spring loaded extender made by FastSize (now out of business). I need some replacement parts, and I was thinking of purchasing a LeLuv spring loaded extender for that purpose. The outer diameter of the FastSize rods/bars appears to be 9mm. To determine whether the parts from the two extenders will be compatible, I need to know the outer diameter of the LeLuv rods/bars. If someone who owns one of the LeLuv spring loaded extenders could measure the outer diameter of the rods/bars and tell me whether they are 8mm or 9mm, I would greatly appreciate it. By the way, a couple of months back I tried e-mailing LeLuv with my question, but I did not receive an answer.

Enough guys are using the LeLuv extender that I am sure someone will be able to answer that for you. And you have a good, non-ambiguous, thread title. Be patient and someone will get back to you on that.

Congratulations on your first post!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I have one of those and it’s 3mm. The real question is the threads on it, are they fine or coarse?

9mm that’s beefy!

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Thanks for the reply, Awesomegarrett.

I think you might be just measuring the diameter of the threaded area. I was measuring the outer diameter all the way across the bar, from the outer edge on one side to the outer edge on the opposite side.

The same day that I posted my question on this forum, I tried e-mailing LeLuv again. This time I got a reply from them. They said (at least for their gold extender) that the outer diameter of their bars is 8 mm. So it sounds like the components of the LeLuv extender would not be compatible with those of a FastSize extender.

If anyone out there has an extender with bars that have an outer diameter of 9 mm, I’d appreciate it if you would post the name of the manufacturer on this thread.

Thanks to all!

Sorry, your right I didn’t read my measuring tape correctly. I don’t use millimeters.

Is leluv a good extender has anyone gain from using it… seen some on ebay just wanna get some type of feedback on it good or bad.

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