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Question for Everyone!


Question for Everyone!

Not sure if this should be posted here, sorry if it isn’t.

Just one question and I’d like to hear from most people what their experience is:

=== When you masturbate to porn, what is the average time you last? Do you push yourself to last longer? ===

In my experience 10 mins just going at it without stopping is maximum I can last without the need to cum… I wonder what everyone else is.


nobody? -P

I have never timed, but it’s not close to 10mins

It’s like sex. It depends on the goals you set. If you think of sex, mission accomplished - cum. If you think of prolonged pleasure and fun, you go longer.

Hours and hours. It’s ridiculous.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

Everything from 3-30 minutes.

Average, about 10 yeah.

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Most times, I start out to enjoy it but then it turns into kegel control exercises. I last anywhere from 10 min to until I run out of time and need to do something else.

Totally depends on what kind of porn I’m watching but if i find the “good stuff” usually about 5-10 minutes

If I am jerking off why would I want to last haha I go as quick as possible so it takes maybe a minute, depends maybe 2.

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Really depends on my time schedule. It’s really all mental.

I tend to cum quickly with masturbation or sex if I feel the need to hurry up or go do something after. If I feel like I got all the time in the world. Or that nobody is going to catch me doing this if I don’t hurry up then I can do it for extended periods of time.

About 35 seconds. Hey, I gots vivid imagination.

OK OK. Truth? About 12 seconds.

So I’m efficient?

That’s for a quality new porn flick with nice chicks and big dicks.

Speaking of porn. What’s with the anal craze? Got these beautiful chicks with amazing bods and nice twats and like 70% of the time de guy’s doing her ass? What e-ver.

At most 10 mins..


I like people who were NUTS..

NUTS in there own ways.

I’ve gone anywhere from 5mins to 2hrs in one session.

Four minutes, thirty-seven seconds, exactly, every time.

Ditto the anal thing, it’s kinda meh.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Originally Posted by misterthickness
I’ve gone anywhere from 5mins to 2hrs in one session.

Same here.. Usually it’s between 1hr to 1hr30min.

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