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Question for Anna

Question for Anna


Here is a question for you. You said the last time you were told your hubby was 6 3/4” long. Does he tell you his size, or have you seen him measure it? Do you ever participate in measuring his penis? It is great fun, not to mention erotic when my wife takes out the tape measure and ruler and measures my penis -especially during the last 2 months since my penis IS getting larger! :) “We” now measure my erect penis every two weeks -and we both look forward to it.

You said that he would like to be larger. Has he said this too you? If so, how do you respond when he says this? I think that most women if asked this question would respond with the typical “You’re just fine as you are” answer. Fortunately, when I said that I want to be larger to my wife, she was all for it and said so - but then I only had a 4.5” penis at that point. I now do the exercises in full view of her with her complete approval. It is so erotic for me to be able to “play” with my penis in front of her! :)

So, if you are a little to shy to tell him that you would like him to be a little bigger -the next time he makes that comment you should at least mention these penis enlargement sites to him, and tell him that you have read where some guys make great gains. That might inspire him to try it!

I also can’t begin to tell you what it does for my ego to hear my wife say, “Your cock is SO thick” or, “Your penis looks SO much bigger than it used to - it isn’t small at all.”

Anyway, if your hubby (and/or) you) want him to have a bigger penis - it IS possible!!

Good luck!



Ready, set......GOOOoooooo!

HEY Iron6 - I’ll race you to Iron8…


Race to 8!

M Average,

How about racing to 7” first!! :)



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