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QUESTION for all uncicircumsized guys Please chime in


QUESTION for all uncicircumsized guys Please chime in

Hey everyone, so I guess it is the norm for the most sensitive part of the penis to be the frenulum for us uncut guys. Well it seems I am not that sensitive there and I was wondering if there is something abnormal with me? My most sensitive parts seem to be the upper and side ridges of the glans..

Anyone else in a similar situation?? Thanks so much for any feedback!

I’m uncut and my frenulum isn’t that sensitive either.

Same here.

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Originally Posted by Chicken
Same here.


I’m uncut and my frenulum isn’t sensitive at all. Even my urethra is more sensitive.

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Thanks guys

If anyone else is out there who could chime in to make me feel better about myself I would appreciate it :-)

Mine was sensitive because I kept the foreskin over the head all the time, now I retreat it behind the glans most of the time and when my penis touches my boxers/pants its a little bit sensitive, only in the beginning tho. Now its used to it so its not sensitive anymore(ps: I also used to stretch the frenulum as mine was a little short)

I use to be very sensitive however jelqing wearing and extender and pumping got rid of all that

Same here I used to be quite sensitive there but after a week or two following the newbie routine its not sensitive at all really

So sensitivity there

Mine is very sensitive.

Mine is sensitive but the glans is a lot more sensitive.

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I don’t think there’s anything abnormal about that.

I totally agree with Wizhorn.. Was sensitive until I started stretching the foreskin and keeping below the glans.

I remember that It has been sensitive for me. I don’t know if it’s now, I should try. But it was long time ago.

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