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QUESTION for all uncicircumsized guys Please chime in


I am uncut and my most sensitive parts also seem to be the upper and side ridges of the glans

My isn’t sensitive well when I smoked pot it is very sensitive but only then :D

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I didn’t think my frenylum was very sensitive until I had it cut to facilitate easier retraction of the foreskin in order to be able to use condoms without discomfort. Now I realize that it was very sensitive since it has become considerably more difficult for me to reach orgasm, especially during intercourse.

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As an circumcised male with an intact frenulum I find its the surrounding area on the bottom side that’s the most sensitive. Not the frenulum itself.

Probably my most sensitive part! The feel of my girlfriend running the tip of her tongue up and down while she looks up at me…omigod.

But clearly it’s something that varies a lot from guy to guy, nothing to fret about if yours isn’t super sensitive as long as at least some of it feels good to be stimulated.

Edit: I’m intact btw.


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