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Question: edging and overdoing it

Question: edging and overdoing it

Hey Guys,

I just began a routine that incorporates edging in place of masturbation. For the two weeks I did it everything seemed dandy, but I noticed a couple of issues cropping up.

1. I’m on Propecia and Paxil, two drugs that famously interfere with your erections. Thus far, thanks to PE, I’ve had no trouble keeping it up for the girlfriend/edging.however, I don’t have spontaneous erections and rarely get morning or night wood. This makes it harder to tell if my PE is working, so I have to ask: anyone else on these medications, thoughts? Do you need to get spontaneous/morning and night wood for gains?

2. I got so sore yesterday that I had to take a day off, which made me wonder if my routine is too strenuous. I do:

5 min warm up
5 stretches (all directions, 2.5 min each)
3 one min over the wrist V-stretches
250 wet jelqs (more gentle lately)
5 min warm down

Accompanied by about twenty minutes of edging on those days.

Any help from anyone with med experience/edging experience would be great. Thanks.

Welbutrin is supposed to not interfere with erections. Maybe that is an option.

With edging you have to experiment and see what is too much. 45 minutes is too much for me. 20 to 30 is right.

If you are a newbie, you many not need to do that many jelqs. I did a lot better as a newbie with 120 jelqs rather than 250. 250 way too much for me.

Check out that light newbie routine, some have done well with that:

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I don’t generally get (or at least I’m not awake to notice) morning wood, or random full blown erections either. However, one way I have of telling that my PE is working is because when I do get an intentional erection it looks and feels harder than ever before.

Honestly, I think as long as you’re capable of getting a solid erection you’re fine.

Talk softly and carry a big stick.

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