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Question Advice needed

Question Advice needed

I did about 12 manual stretches and jelqued for about a half hour. Today my shaft feels as if it fell asleep. It feels tingley almost like the feeling when your arm or legs falls asleep. Did I injure myself serious?? Should I hold off from pe for a few days?? Was it from the strecthing or jelqing? Thanks

Sounds like too much jelqing. Take a couple of days out and it should all recover nicely. Then start with 10 minutes jelqing.

I would do a thorough inspection, i.e.,check for any bruising or red spots and wait at least 48 hours before resuming again.

You are probably OK but its better to make error on the side of caution.

Don’t be over zealous and take it easy. Sometimes less is more.

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No red spots or bruising. I just have to learn to do this slow and easy. This just sets me back. I will wait 2 or three days.

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