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Question about urinating

Question about urinating

I have noticed that since I have started PEing again that when I urinate there is a slight pressure and the flow seems to have slowed down unless I kegel. I have assumed that this is normal but since I am now a member I thought I would get some feedback on it.

Get used to seeing some changes in urine flow when doing hard PE. Almost any rigorous routine causes edema. When the swelling is sufficient to the meatus it can cause your urine stream to come out in split streams or crooked streams making a mess on the floor. After an intense session I have to actually sit to urinate. You may be overdoing the newbie routine, could have bruised the urethra, but the slow stream is probably just caused be the lymphatic swelling that goes along with this obsession we call PE. Slow and steady wins the race.

I once pissed on a guy’s shoe standing next to me at a urinal. It was not a pretty scene.

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Thank you Big Girtha

As a general rule I would say don’t kegel too much while urinating because it can lead to a condition where your bladder is not emptying when you go to the bathroom. Once in awhile is ok but don’t let the slow down in your stream cause you to constantly kegel when you piss. Just my opinion, I’m not a doctor but from what I understand the pelvic floor needs to be relaxed to completely empty the bladder. As a side note since you asked for direct feedback, yes my flow has slowed down and become less focused for lack of a better term. This may be due to PE or it may be some age related thing. I’m not sure.

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