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Question about Uli 3

Question about Uli 3

As famous as this exercise is on this site, I can’t find a good description of if anywhere, as far as timing is concerned. Video doesn’t set this clear either..

I understand you’re supposed to Squeeze 5 times, let up
The pressure, and repeat this routine 10 times. But does each “Squeeze” take one second? Five seconds? B/c if it’s one second it should take (5 squeezes x 1 second x 10 times) roughly a minute to do THE ENTIRE Uli exercise?? It seems too short?? HELP!

And Thanks in advance!

Uli 3 squeezes are considered an advanced exercise. If you’re new to PE you should wait until your penis is “conditioned” to the stress of PE exercises. Most recommend six weeks of the Newbie Routine before doing advanced things.

Did you find this page? Uli’s and Squeezes

It has a link to Uli’s original post which says just what you’ve said. He didn’t give a time for each squeeze. A few seconds would be safest, once you’re ready for this exercise. If you’re looking for increasing the size of the glans (head) perhaps clamping might be easier, again when you’re dick is ready for the stress of it. There are major clamping threads easily found using the search button (top right of every page) and limiting searches to thread titles only (on the “advanced search” page).

P.S. I removed your duplicate question in the video feedback thread. Posting questions once will normally get a response.

Aaahh first response! Well, about the link above, I did read it. And no timing info. :(

First off let me say this.. I am an Newbie, but on this page. I’ve been using an extender by AndroPenis, and jelqed almost after each use. I see PE gains on and off. EQ goes up and down. But I’m ready to concentrate on not just PE, but EQ as well, and sometimes my penis head doesn’t seem to fill up to the max when I’m erect.

So I read UliStrech’s routine and gains! And that inspired me to do his routine! But it’s so general and brief, and it sort of throws me off with the cursing, so I edited it myself w/ Notepad and read it there.

The one thing I’m just confused about is, if it takes 1 second for each sqeeze, you squeeze 5 times, and you do 10 repetitions.. That equals (=) 50 seconds (or a minute). But that seems too short. I feel it should be maybe 10 min, 5 min minimum.

P.S.- I’m the kind of guy who likes simple, but informative info. And that’s what I think this exercise needs. (Well, just the timing because I literally use a stopwatch in my cellphone to time ea exercise).

P.P.S.- My priority with PE is Girth gains. Westla, do you believe clamping does the trick best? Or Ulistrech’s very recommended technique: Uli #3 ?

Thanks in advance!!

Aug 30, 2008 Starting Stats: 6.5”BPEL, 5.62” NBPEL, 4.56” EG// Goal: 5.5”-6”EG

If you search for “uli thing” you’ll find some threads about using metal hose clamps around he base of the penis (instead of your hand) combined with Uli’s head squeeze. So the techniques have a similar basis. Using a modern cable clamp allows you to get out of emergency situations much easier. The experience I’ve had, and many others here, is that clamping will provide girth gains easier than anything else. That said, girth is much more difficult to attain compared to length when using the “standard” PE techniques.

I think that adding a squeeze to the glans is looking for trouble. Just as I think double clamping (base and below the head) is asking for trouble. A single clamp at the base (not behind the balls) left on for 10 minutes, clamped as tight as you can get it over a wrap (a single Kleenex folded lengthwise is enough), done three times (one set per day) is sufficient to see gains. How long that takes depends on many factors and you cannot predict how much, of if, anyone will gain. You just have to try it.

Everyone is free to do whatever he wants to his dick. Just be careful.

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