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Question about turtling

Question about turtling

First off, I am a new member.
I looked throughout the forums as best as I could to see if someone had posted a question similar to mine, but I couldn’t seem to find anything.

I’m new to PE, I’m on my 2nd day now of the “Newbie Routine” and I think my penis may have done this thing that experienced members call “turtling”.

It does not hurt in anyway shape or form. I warm up using hot wrap for 10 minutes, and then stretching for 5 minutes before proceeding into completing 200 “Wet Jelqs”.

However, it seems to have gotten a little smaller afterwards (it Didn’t turn into a cashew or anything, like many people explain when it happens to them). In sequence to this, I tried to do another 5 minutes of stretching after the “Warm Down” and it came back to regular and then back after like 15 seconds HAHAHAHA!!

So I left it alone and just went to football practice, and it’s not on turtle mode anymore. However,I’m wondering if I should take tomorrow off because I don’t want to put to much strain on my penis if it was just turtling this preventing growth.

Q. If it turtles at anytime PERIOD, do I take a rest day to prevent damage to my penis?

Thank You for time :P

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Originally Posted by AlphaxOsiris
Q. If it turtles at anytime PERIOD, do I take a rest day to prevent damage to my penis?

Quite normal what you are facing. Brief turtling after sessions are acceptable.

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Brief turtling is acceptable.

If you notice turtling after 2 hours from routine tops, maybe I am saying too much,it means you are doing too much.

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