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Question about Turkey skin

Question about Turkey skin

I have just started, but was wondering if you jelq often does the scrotum stretch out as time passes by?

It seems to me every time I pull on my penis the scrotum gets pulled with it..

And if you have some skin hanging from your scrotum how do you make it go away?

Thank you

It will stretch out eventually you can tug with one hand and take the other and hold the base of your penis and lightly push back into your scrotum trying to focus on stretching the skin out this works well and only takes a few weeks to make a noticeable difference.

By hanging skin from scrotum do you mean your balls hangs down as low as they can and there is loose skin hanging below them?

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My balls hang very low (sometimes lower than my flaccid) and I have a decent turkey neck. With practice you’ll learn how to tuck this skin all the way back and kind of pinch it off with each stroke.

Thanks for the fast response.

Well no, when they hang as low as it allows, there isn’t any skin hanging.

The skin hangs noticeably when the testicles are on the top.

But I wanted to ask this question for future reference because like I’ve stated before I do notice the stretching of the scrotum.

It isn’t going to stop me from my PE routine, the only method I came up with to shrink the skin would be lots of cold showers..

Anyways, thank you for your help. Please feel free to respond if you have anything else to mention.

Thanks :D

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