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Question about the newbie routine.

Question about the newbie routine.

So it says to increase to 10 mins of stretch and 30 mins of jelq over 6 weeks time. I have been doing for a couple of weeks now, and I haven’t adjusted. It is probably time for an increase so I was wondering what to do now? Also, how much should I increase by weekly?

Also, are kegels that important? I do them and all but idk if I am doing them right. I just notice my dick pops up. It just feels like I am wasting my time when doing them.

If you want to adjust your routine as the newbie routine suggests, then it’s good. But you don’t have to adjust your routine weekly, you can adjust it on monthly bases. It depends on you, and on how you feel. If you want more length, you can increase the stretches more. If you want girth, you can increase the jelq more. If you think your penis can’t take more, then don’t increase any thing.

And yes, kegels are important if you want a harder erection. And what you are doing looks fine, it should pop up when doing kegels. For more more information you can search for kegel.

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