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Question about the history of Thunder's Place

Question about the history of Thunder's Place

Is this the only web design that Thunder’s Place has ever had?

My memory plays twisted games on me sometimes. I have a very foggy memory of visiting a site years ago about PE, and it had a black background and I want to say orange or red highlights (maybe even fire). I realize how silly I sound, but I could have sworn it was Thunder’s Place.

Either way I like the current design of the site :)

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Thunder’s hasn’t had that unless you’re thinking of McDark.

In the low left corner above the quote there is a dropdown box where you can select a style. Yo Purple, McDark, or Sub Blue.

I use the original purple, which we’ve had since the beginning. It’s the default.

Thanks hobby, I appreciate the response. Might need to get my noggin checked out.

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I think you might be talking about cheekycherry, it has black background and red highlights.

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You know what it could be it looks very similar, my memory is just so foggy. Doesn’t matter anyway I have found where I need to be and that’s right here at Thunder’s Place.

really big. want the biggest.

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