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Question About The Fat Pad


Originally Posted by goodfella12

I’m uncut, I have some weight to loose but you wouldn’t really notice unless you take the time to look at my stomach. Is it normal to have a bit of fat there ?

I’m uncut also. My EL is 1.5” shorter than my BPEL, but I’m not that fat. It’s a curious coincidence. Maybe excess of skin is what cause more difference between cut and uncut. But if this was true, cut should be longer than uncut in EL, case that doesn’t seem to bu true.

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My Word marinera!:eek2: I don’t remember you being 9.5 inches long BPEL!!!!! That is insane, well done! :worthy:

I’d like to be the first to touch 10” bpel on TP. Maybe this summer, when I’ll not have to work, I’ll resume serious PE work. Yes, it’s insane. I’m childish as anyone else, never denied that. :D

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Good Luck :)

Thanks :) .

Excess PE generated skin adds to you flaccid girth. I’ve gained a ton of skin from PE. It slides down over the shaft making my flaccid girth look just under 8”. I know it is just an illusion, but it makes a good first impression. I was circumcised at birth, but now look uncut.

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