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Question about stretching, need help


Question about stretching, need help

Hey guys. Ok what I want to know is, when you guys stretch about where on the shaft do you hold, and how hard to you have to squeeze to keep your grip from slipping off? I’m not circumcised, and when stretching I’ve been trying to hold about mid shaft with my foreskin covering my glans. It seems to be working Ok, but I have to squeeze really hard to keep my grip from slipping, and sometimes the strong grip makes me sore. It seems like you get a way better stretch when pulling from the head of your penis, but then I read it’s bad to do it like that so I stopped. You guys got any advice? I’ve tried stretching with the foreskin pulled back, and putting my grip right behind the glans, but my grip will slip within a couple seconds.

Try to apply baby powder. It really helps with the grip. Rubber gloves works also.

The way I stretch:

- Leaving the foreskin over the glans.
- Grabbing just behind my head.
- Using moderate force.
- Grabbing not to tight.
- Put some blood in my glans to improve grip.

Originally Posted by bird2
- Leaving the foreskin over the glans.

Your grip includes the foreskin ?

Well ya, I don’t pull the foreskin back, but I don’t grip from the foreskin either. I grip on my shaft about 2 inches back from my glans.

Originally Posted by WorkingOut
Your grip includes the foreskin ?

Yes, of course. Why would you pull it back?

If I grip without pulling back foreskin, I feel my skin is stretched, not much the internal structure.

Well, I do my stretch in the bathtub filled with hot-warm water, I can grip very well, and believe it is better since the muscle is very loose and better blood flows.

Originally Posted by bird2
Yes, of course. Why would you pull it back?

Being a faithful newbie once, I downloaded the video clips that demonstrated how to stretch. That’s one reason.

The other is that if I don’t pull it back, skin hurts because it is not as long as my stretched penis. Even after a lot of warming up.

When stretching I usually (I am a 2week newbie) pull my foreskin back - thanks Bird2, that blood putting blood in glans really helps.

I have found out that if I grab it just below the head, touching it, my head will get smaller, so I started to grab it some 2mm (1/8inch) below the head, not touching it. That way head stays filled with blood.

Any comments please?

I think if you get a tight enough grip so that no skin from your base comes along with it when you pull, it should be fine anywhere. But I do it near the head.

I take that back! Pull back the foreskin even if you only do it slightly and then grip near the head. Best way I think. :)

Yeah, goodstart, I also tried doing it with skin covering the glans - it’s better to stretch when retracted!

Ok, again a question on stretching - how do you grip your dick, I know between your thumb and forefinger, but it’s sides (left and right), or it’s upper and lower side? Or sth else? Hope you understood ;-)

Originally Posted by avgJosh
Ok, again a question on stretching - how do you grip your dick, I know between your thumb and forefinger, but it’s sides (left and right), or it’s upper and lower side? Or sth else? Hope you understood ;-)

Depends what is most convenient for you.

I agree. Use baby powder. Retract the foreskin. Grip the head for dear life and pull to the point of moderate discomfort but not pain. The head/glans should be engulfed in your palm and gripping hard right behind the coronal ridge. That is the best stretch for me. Gripping on the shaft is very uncomfortable and gripping skin anywhere in my palm is unpleasant and painful. Stretching is great. I only wish I could hold that length after about 25 minutes of work. Any thought out there how to capitalize on the post stretched length? I am working on a new type stretch that I have not seen on thunders. It is the best for stretching the lig at the base of the shaft and is a dual action stretch. I have seen guys report that p e is all about pulling your lig out of your abdomen. That is what this stretch accomplishes. So far I have seen great benefit but I want to wait and experiment more before I announce it to the group. Dont want to throw something out that is half baked so to speak.

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