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Question about stretching, need help


Originally Posted by thinktank
I agree. Use baby powder. Retract the foreskin. Grip the head for dear life and pull to the point of moderate discomfort but not pain. The head/glans should be engulfed in your palm and gripping hard right behind the coronal ridge. That is the best stretch for me. Gripping on the shaft is very uncomfortable and gripping skin anywhere in my palm is unpleasant and painful. Stretching is great. I only wish I could hold that length after about 25 minutes of work. Any thought out there how to capitalize on the post stretched length? I am working on a new type stretch that I have not seen on thunders. It is the best for stretching the lig at the base of the shaft and is a dual action stretch. I have seen guys report that p e is all about pulling your lig out of your abdomen. That is what this stretch accomplishes. So far I have seen great benefit but I want to wait and experiment more before I announce it to the group. Dont want to throw something out that is half baked so to speak.

It has been almost a month since your post above, so how is the result of your new strecth technique? Suitable for newbie? Can you share with us now?

For grip, I would either use rubber gloves, or get your penis a little wet and use a dry washcloth to grip.

I miss this place.

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Toilet paper works fine for me. Just wrap the head.


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