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Question about stretching downward

Question about stretching downward

When I do my stretches before a PE workout, I notice that I never have any pain when doing them except for some slight discomfort when doing a stretch straight down between my legs.

Its not “painful” or anything, but it almost feels like its tugging at something on the inside near my nuts and even in my extreme lower belly (just before you reach the shaft).

Not sure what that would be and if its normal.

Like I said, its not painful like a tear or anything, just something I noticed.


Stretching of our anatomy is not a feeling most of us have experienced before PE so it seems weird now when we do it. The rule of thumb is usually to stop if you feel pain. Since this stretch isn’t painful for you and it doesn’t feel like tearing, then don’t worry about it.

BTW, have you tried changing your grip around? I’ve noticed in the past that changing my grip position will pull some veins/ligs more than others.

I will consider that. Thanks

I’m not familiar with any tugging sensation near the nuts, but stretching down or BTC can pull on the fascia above the ligs. When hanging BTC I used to feel the stretch about halfway to my belly button.

Here is another thing. I just did my LOT and its like 6 oclock or so, give or take. This means i have stretched out ligs already, right? So I wonder if that is a factor to the “feeling” I am getting.

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