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Question about rice socks

Question about rice socks

Warm towels are way too much of a hassle, but they’re able to wrap around my entire penis. Whereas, with the rice socks, you can only warm sections of your penis at a time.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I be able to wrap the rice sock around my entire penis.

Use the search feature and answer yourself.

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I did.. I typed in both rice and rice socks, and nothing except my own thread shows up. Also, the newbie faq doesn’t explicate enough to answer my question. Christ, dude, if you had time to post that, you could have just told me the answer to my question.

Take a big enough sock, put enough rice but not too much so it’s still flexiable, and that’s it, I can wrap alot more then I need with my sock, I’m sure you won’t have any problem.

Hello everyone,

New to the forum here, The names Drew. I have been using the rice sock method since I started PE, and I recently adapted it to make it more effective. Recipe is as follows:

One long tube sock (at least twice as long as your cock)
Two cups of arborio rice(bigger grains hold heat longer)
Two or three zip ties.

I put the rice into the sock, duh, then stick your hand into the sock from the top, feeling around through the rice with your fingers to find the exact lowest spot on the bottom of the sole.
When you find this spot, start to pull upwards until the spot you grabbed is sticking out of the top of the sock. Zip tie the sock closed where the rice ends (I used two ties). The result of this is a gum drop shaped rice sock with a void in the middle to stick Mr. Winkie into. I prefer this method to others because it works and it kinda feels good too.

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