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Question about PE

Question about PE

Before I ask my question, I need to tell you that I am not native english speaker so I apologize for my bad English.

I want to ask can we masturbate before we do PE exercises, becouse every time I try to do I get erection, and I then I can’t do exercises?

Thanks in advance :)

You can but you also don’t want to have a too low erection level for the particular exercise you’re doing. I had the same issue and I fixed it simply by waiting it out. If you sort of keep massaging it for some time, it will eventually go down because it just won’t keep hard forever without increasing stimulation.

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But my problem is that my erections are really hard, it is almost impossible to do jelq and stretch. And I need to wait like 4,5 min so dick is soft enough

If doing PE after masturbating doesn’t allow you to have a high enough erection percentage you’ll just have to wait til your erection subsides. It may take some practice to train your penis that this is work (PE )

time and not fun (sex-ejaculation) time. It takes time and patience. Good luck.

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