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Question about newbie routine

Question about newbie routine

It says to increase to ten min stretching and thirty min jelqing over six weeks.should this be done like it says over six weeks or should one wait a few months before increasing?

Recommend building up very slowly. Some men find that less than full newbie routine gives results.
Add a little to the routine, see what happens over 2-3 months. If you don’t get a small increase add a little more and see what happens for 2-3 more months. Don’t add more to the routine as long as you are getting some results.

This is a very long process. If you attempt to rush it you will hurt yourself. There are way too many stories on this and other sites about men who get impatient, get into advance routines, and end up hurting themselves.

Search for “Less is more” on this site. You will find out more about this.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

I do about ten minutes of stretching at a time but as far as jelqing the way I did it was to start the beginning week with 200 jelqs, then the second week up to 400 and the third week max out at 600. This may be too much too fast for some people but it worked for me.

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