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Question About My Sessions.

Question About My Sessions.

Hello guys. I’m new here. Just wanted to say that it’s nice be on a forum like this. Especially for guy who is insecure about his size. Okay about my question. I do ULI squeezes and Dry Jelqs daily. But instead of doing 10+ minute sessions, I’ll just do 40+ dry jelqs and 3+ ULI squeezes a day. The dry jelqs kind of exhaust my hands/arms after a little bit, which is why I don’t do lengthy timed sessions. Will I see progress at the pace I’m going now in say.. A month? Maybe like .5” gain (length and girth) in a month? Or will I have to turn up the dial a little more?? And dry jelqs do help with length right??

Thanks guys.

Sounds more like a girth routine.
0.5 either way in a month might be possible but too high on expectations no matter the routine.

You need to hit the right time and intensity for your body. Might be with 10 jelqs or with 200..

For that you might start the linear newbie routine which helps gauging the right amount.
Linear Newbie Routine

Well said dickerschwanz. Start with the linear routine bud. You’ll make some newbie gains during it. How much depends on the guy. Some guys make massive newbie gains and some guys marginal.

My advice is to set a reasonable and realistic goal and take your time getting there. This is a marathon not a race. Watch your PI’S and make sure you take rest days.


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