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Question about my LOT

Question about my LOT

Hello, I have a LOT if I am correct of 9:00-9:01 not exactly sure which but it’s one of those, if I start going with my techniques will it be easy or hard to get gains quick? Thanks.

What would be some good techniques for that LOT to get length gains?

I would work on the ligs till the LOT is dropped down to 07:00. Then go for the tunica.


It’s odd that you would say you’re lot is 9:00-9:01. I say this because the difference between 9:00 and 9:01 would be so minute that one would generaly ignore it, or not notice it at all. Are you positive you’re determining your LOT properly?

Perhaps you’ll find this thread to be helpful: Bib’s LOT Theory 101

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