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Question about Memento's rapid gain routine?

Question about Memento's rapid gain routine?

Here’s the routine:

“Morning session
1-2 times daily mon-fri with 4 hours min break between sessions

5-10 min warm wrap (washcloth)
20 min long hold inverted v-stretch
5-10 min warm wrap (washcloth)

Evening session

10 min warm wrap (washcloth)
15-20 min 80-90% jelq with 1-2 30 sec hold Horse 440 squeezes every 5 mins
2-5 min 30 sec hold horse squeezes mixed with sadsak head exercise mod
10 min warm wrap (washcloth)

Doubling up this session once in a while is a useful shock”

I couldn’t believe in my eyes, Do you guy think this kind of routine actually work? Gain length with just 20 minutes inverted v-stretch a day?
20 minutes? seriously?

Well, I haven’t tried yet. But considering the properties of some tissues, and their response to stress, I tend to believe it is possible that it works. There is a concept called “creep” when it comes to stretching.

“Creep is the gradual rearrangement of collagen fibers, proteoglycans, and water that occurs because of a constantly applied force (…) It is a time-dependent and transient biomechanical phenomenon. Short-term duration stresses (less than 15 minutes) do not have sufficient time to produce this displacement; however, longer times can produce it. Once creep occurs, the tissue has difficulty returning to its initial length.” Dutton, Mark. “The Response of Biological Tissue to Stress.” Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention, 2nd ed. (2008).

Question is… does that principle apply to all tissues of the body?

>Gain length with just 20 minutes inverted v-stretch a day?<

20 minutes is too much stretching for a lot of people. You seem to be making a couple of assumptions: that the evening session has no impact on length and that there is no useful interaction between the morning and evening sessions.

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hey memento I’m sorry for being a noob, last night i did my dry jelqing combine with some horse404, after the workout i measured my bpfsl and it was definitely longer then bpfsl before the workout, once again, i’m sorry for being a noob and asking to much noob questions. i deserve a smack on the head.

Excuse me for doing the moderator bit before responding to your post. Please try a little harder to capitalise I and the start of each sentence. We have a set of Forum Guidelines to help understand what’s required here.

Being new to this is not punishable by death. We all started somewhere and though PE is effectively a simple set of concepts (often presented in an overcomplicated manner) it’s not always obvious to start with. I think checking measurements before and after a routine is a good plan. It can allow you to gauge effectiveness but some people come out of a session with reduced/unchanged measurements (firegoat has mentioned this). Either way a post workout BPFSL is just an indicator, you need to take a couple of days break to get a stable measurement that you can count as a gain.

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