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Question about measuring

Question about measuring

Hi, I’ve been wondering: When I measure from the top it gives me different reading than I measure from the rightside. This feels annoying because I don’t know that wich one is the right reading.

When I measure from the top it only shows about 15cm, but when I measure from the rightside it shows 16,3cm. I measure exactly from the same spot with both styles. Could this be if you have a small hill where the penis begins, on the top.

And why people suggest to measure from the top and not from the sides? Thank you!

You should measure in whatever way gives you the most consistent number. Bone-pressed erect length (BPEL) is the most accurate and consistent technique for most people, and you do this by pressing a hard ruler into your fat pad above the base of your penis. It is a standard method that gives the most consistent results, so that’s why most guys measure that way.

On another note, if you’ve ever having a partner/lover measure for you, have them do it from the side/scrotum so they think it’s bigger than it is :D

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