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Question about measuring

Question about measuring

I’m not sure whether to measure along the top side of my penis or the side of my penis, can someone tell me which is the right way to measure?

There’s no right way.
First, what are you measuring?

A good length measurement is given by pressing a ruler against your pubic bone while standing on your feet.

Measuring girth is a bitch, you can try dividing your penis in 3 parts (base, middle and top) and measuring each with a measuring tape.

If you are measuring length, top side, as much in the center as possible. Resting at the base for a NBP and pressed into the fatpad for a BP measurement.

Pretty much what Boo-ya said for girth. But if you don’t have a measuring tape, a string would work fine as well.

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Thank you for your posts, it seems to me like I should be measuring length along the top. I had been measuring along the side which put me at a slightly longer length than I got from measuring on the top side.

When I’m full erect like the tendons or what ever around base of my shaft tend to stretch, basically can’t put ruler straight on have to do a little to the side.

I like to measure my length by using a tape measure and holding one end against my asshole while pulling it up around my nuts to the end of my dick. I measure about 15 inches that way. :-)

I measure from the side in order to accurately track increases in erect length. I’ve found that as my base girth changed and the fat pad was pulled down slightly onto the shaft it made accurate length measurements along the dorsal side of my penis difficult. I would suggest to measure and track both.

Or get a helping hand! ;)

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